Standard 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system


  •  Provides refreshing crisp taste superior to bottled water
  • High flow 50 GPD production system w/ super capacity filters
  • Certified w/ WQA Gold Seal, highest contaminant rejection guaranteed
  • Built in USA w/ top tier NSF certified premium quality parts
  •  ERO-Replacement Filter Set


  • For ROES-50 Essence Reverse Osmosis System
  • High Contaminant Rejection RO Element
  • TFC Spiral Wound Design For Superior Membrane Flux
  • Effective Under Varying Water Conditions With Wide Operating Limits



Five-Staged Reverse Osmosis System





  • Compact design to save space
  • Quick-Change Water Filter
  • Stainless steel faucet



1.  Filter #1-  5 Micron Sediment Filter: reduce dirt, sand and rust that cause cloudy water
2.  Filter #2-  5 Micron Pre-Carbon Filters: absorb Chlorine taste and ordor
3.  Filter #3-  R.O. Membrane Filter: reduce dissolved substances such as radium, lead, and other unwanted impurities
4.  Filter #4-  Post-Carbon Filter: ensure your drinking water is clear and fresh
5.  Filter #5-  GAC in-line filter: enhance water's taste (GAC: Granular Activated Carbon)

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